Relocating 100 Year Old Newspaper Repository

We will be relocating our 100 year newspaper repository collection from the Harding building near the high school to the Main Marshfield High School building. In 2018, Coos Bay passed a school bond levy ($62 million!) for two new elementary schools and other upgrades. The plan requires the demolition of the Harding building, so our repository will be moving this summer.

We are OPEN!!

We are now open for the season! Hours are every Tuesday through Saturday, from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

To schedule an appointment outside of regular hours, please call Ralph Mohr at (541) 269-1565 or Marty Giles at (541) 267-4027.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Summer Afternoons at the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum

Why do we call capital letters “upper case” and the other letters “lower case”?  Where does “mind your p’s and q’s” come from?

Find the answer to these and much more any Tuesday through Saturday summer afternoon when you visit The Marshfield Sun Printing Museum on Coos Bay’s historic waterfront.  

The Sun’s original—and now historic—printing presses and other fascinating equipment can be viewed up close as skilled volunteers interpret and demonstrate how they work.  Sun volunteers also answer questions about the Museum’s exhibits on printing and office technology.

Combine a visit to the Marshfield Sun with a visit to the nearby Coos History Museum for a jam-packed afternoon of interesting local history.

The Marshfield Sun Printing Museum is a unique printing museum located in that building at the north end of Front Street in Coos Bay.  The unusually shaped building was built as the home for the Marshfield Sun newspaper and print shop in 1911.  The Marshfield Sun was a working newspaper office and print shop from 1891 to 1944—and is today essentially as it was left in 1944, with additional exhibits upstairs and on the walls.

The Marshfield Sun Printing Museum’s regular summer hours begin the day after Memorial Day and go through Labor Day:  1pm – 4pm Tuesday through Saturday.  Admission is free.

Call 541-267-4027 for more information.


Marty Giles  

Coos Bay, Oregon  97420